It’s been a challenging few months. As the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, we’ve witnessed the declaration of a pandemic, government restrictions on travel and gatherings, and growing concern from you dear guests about your health and safety.
Our politics is that the well-being of our community is our priority, and we must take action to support this belief.
We can understand your concern about your travel and your booked experiences. At the moment you do not need to take any action as we believe all this situation will calm down and we will all get back to normal lifestyle. And hopefully you will come to our country and experience all the beauties we can offer. 😉
We would like to share with you information that if you or we will need to cancel your trip you due to coronavirus, we will make you a full refund. No special explanation needed.

Here are your options:

• Move your booking to later this summer. We will be offering flexibility on dates and destinations so that you can move to a any date later in the summer.

• Move your booking to 2021 or 2022. You can change your booking to summer 2021 or 2022, contact our Customer Support Team for details on days we will be sailing.

• Keep your booking as it is. If you want to keep your booking as it is, you don’t have to do anything.

• We’re here for you. If you are concerned about your trip to Croatia and would like to discuss your options, please email us on and we’ll be happy to help you.

If your day sail trip is postponed due to the coronavirus crisis, you will of course be given the option move your day sail again or you will be offered a refund credit note to use on any The Day Sail trip in the future.

We remain, as ever, committed to you, our guests, and our community. Our thoughts are with you and your families as we all navigate these challenging times. I will be back in touch very soon as we have more to share.
Stay at home with positive thoughts. 😉

As season 2019 finished we started with preparing the next season. We just opened bookings for summer 2020. Check it out what we have prepared for you for next year and feel free to book your spot

The Day Sail season in Croatia just finished. It’s been a gorgeous summer 2018. Thank you all!

Today we are closing season 2018. We had more than 170 bookings in Zadar, around 120 bookings in Dubrovnik, around 45 in Hvar and some 20 in Split. You guys came from more then 40 countries worldwide, mostly from USA, Canada, Australia, UK and Scandinavia. For some of you who did not have a chance to sail with us for a day, we will have even bigger plans for season 2019!

The Day Sail season in Croatia finished. It’s been a gorgeous summer 2017. Thank you all!

Only in Zadar we had more than 100 bookings. You guys came from more then 30 countries worldwide, mostly from USA, Australia, UK and Scandinavia. For some of you who did not have a chance to sail with us for a day, we will have even bigger plans for season 2018!

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Wow, the trip was amazing. We can highly recommend a tour, the contact person Tibor was very friendly and communicative and he helped us planning the tour. Our skipper was David and we booked a private family full day sailing trip with our two small kids 5 yrs and 3 yrs. The skipper took us to very beautiful places and cooked lunch for us on the boat while we enjoyed the ocean and bay and went snorkeling. As a special treat, David took us longer for an extended sunset tour at the end :

The boat was very clean and spacious, had an outside shower on board for after swimming, a small kitchen with refrigerator and a clean toilet. It was even enough space to put the kids asleep.

It was a fantastic experience for us and our children – don’t miss this great experience!!

I really cannot say enough good things about this tour. from the moment I booked the tour there was great communication from the organiser Tibor and then the captain Luka in the days before the trip. Then During the trip itself Luka could not have done more to make the day better. he was always checking that we had enough to eat and drink and that we were enjoying ourselves. he even stopped off at one of the islands so we could stock up with some more drinks during the day! Luka was an absolute wealth of knowledge on everything from the sea, the local area to the history of croatia. at one point he even caught for us a giant mussel to eat fresh from the sea. absolutely amazing day and would highly recommend

Explore Croatia while sailing on a yacht. See Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik.

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