Greetings, sea adventurers and relaxation seekers! We’re thrilled to announce that bookings for the 2024 sailing season are officially open at Whether you’re dreaming of gliding over the blue waves, soaking in the sun, or exploring scenic coastlines, it’s time to turn those dreams into plans.

Why Book Early?
Booking your day sail early ensures you get the best choice of dates and vessels. Whether you’re planning a special occasion or simply looking for a memorable getaway, securing your spot early means you have one less thing to worry about. Plus, early birds might catch some exclusive offers and promotions!

What’s New in 2024?
Each year, we strive to enhance our offerings, and 2024 is no exception. Here’s what’s new:

  • Expanded Fleet: We’ve added several new boats to our fleet, providing more options to accommodate different group sizes and preferences.
  • New Destinations: Explore more with our extended routes including several new secluded coves and charming coastal villages.
  • Enhanced Onboard Amenities: From gourmet snacks to upgraded onboard comfort, we’re enhancing how we pamper you as you sail.

Experience and Reliability
At The Day Sail, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch sailing experiences with a focus on safety and customer satisfaction. Our captains are seasoned sailors and our staff are committed to making your day on the water truly unforgettable.

How to Book?
Booking your day sail is easy! Just visit our website at and choose your preferred destination, type of experience and date. If you have any questions or need assistance, our friendly customer service team is ready to help you via phone, email, or live chat.

Gift Cards Available
Looking for the perfect gift? Give the gift of a day at sea with our Day Sail gift cards. It’s a unique and thoughtful choice for any occasion that can be cherished and remembered forever.

We’re excited to welcome you aboard in 2024. Let’s make it a year of adventure, relaxation, and unforgettable memories on the water. Don’t wait too long; your perfect sailing day is just a horizon away!

Happy Sailing, The Day Sail Team

Sailing the crystal-clear waters of Croatia is an experience that beckons sailors of all skill levels from around the globe. Whether you’re captaining your own yacht or relaxing on a chartered boat, Croatia’s Adriatic coast offers a mesmerizing blend of historic charm, natural beauty, and nautical adventure. With over a thousand islands to explore, each with its unique allure, planning your Croatian sailing journey can be as exciting as it is overwhelming. But fear not, for this comprehensive guide is designed to navigate you through the essential tips and can’t-miss destinations for an unforgettable sailing expedition.

Embarking on Your Croatian Adventure: What to Know

Choosing Your Vessel: Sailing Yacht vs. Speed Boat

The choice between a sailing yacht and a spee boat will significantly shape your sailing experience. In the tourism industry, guests choosing between a sailing yacht and a speedboat will find distinct advantages in opting for a sailing yacht. Sailing yachts offer a serene and eco-friendly way to explore the seas, harnessing wind power for a quiet and peaceful journey. These vessels provide ample space and comfort, making them ideal for guests who wish to enjoy extended cruises with all the amenities of home. In contrast, speedboats are designed for faster, shorter trips and are perfect for thrill-seekers looking to engage in water sports or quick coastal explorations. For those seeking a relaxing and scenic maritime experience, sailing yachts are the superior choice.

When to Set Sail: Understanding Weather Patterns

Weather plays a pivotal role in sailing the Adriatic Sea. The best months for sailing in Croatia are from May through October when the weather is sunny and warm with gentle breezes ideal for sailing. July and August are the peak tourist months; opting for late spring or early autumn can offer a more secluded experience.

Navigating Marinas

Croatia boasts numerous well-equipped marinas along its coast, serving as gateways to exploring nearby islands and coastal towns. These marinas not only provide essential services such as fuel, water, and maintenance but also often feature charming restaurants and shops.

Must-Visit Destinations Along the Croatian Coast

The Dalmatian Islands: A Sailor’s Paradise

The Dalmatian Coast is renowned for its stunning archipelago of islands, each offering unique landscapes ranging from lush forests to stark karst formations. Highlights include:

  • Hvar: Famous for its vibrant nightlife and historical sites.
  • Brač: Known for Zlatni Rat beach which changes shape with the wind.
  • Vis: Offering an authentic island life experience alongside fascinating military history.

Kornati National Park: An Archipelago Adventure

Declared a national park in 1980, Kornati is an archipelago consisting of 140 uninhabited islands, making it a must-visit for nature enthusiasts and those seeking tranquility on their sail.

Mljet Island: The Green Oasis

Half of Mljet Island is designated as a national park featuring two saltwater lakes – Veliko Jezero and Malo Jezero – making it an exceptional stop for nature lovers. Its lush forests provide cool respite after days under the sun.

Sailing Tips & Etiquette

Before casting off towards these breathtaking destinations:

  • Learn Basic Sailing Terms: Familiarize yourself with basic terminologies used in nautical navigation.
  • Respect Marine Life: The Adriatic Sea is home to diverse ecosystems; always sail responsibly.
  • Support Local Economies: Whether dining at local konobas (taverns) or purchasing crafts from island artisans.

Resources For Planning Your Journey

Understanding that planning such an extensive trip might be daunting at first glance, consider consulting revered platforms like The Day Sail that offer detailed information on charter options, destination guides filled with insider tips, booking services for marinas across Croatia’s coastlines and islands.

Whether drawn by the promise of secluded beaches on tranquil islands or exhilarated by navigating through open waters between historic ports under your own sail – Croatia stands as one of sailing’s most picturesque arenas. With careful preparation guided by these insights, your Croatian coast adventure promises to be filled with joyous discoveries at every turn of the helm.

Ahoy, fellow seafarers! If you’ve ever dreamt of casting off the shorelines of everyday life and embracing the open sea, then Croatia is your ticket to nautical nirvana, especially with The Day Sail experience. Nestled in the heart of the Adriatic, this stunning Mediterranean gem offers a sailing adventure like no other. Join us as we navigate the azure waters and unravel the secrets behind Croatia’s allure as a premier sailing destination.

  1. A Tapestry of Islands:

Croatia boasts a coastline that’s nothing short of a sailor’s paradise, adorned with over a thousand islands – a dream come true for The Day Sail enthusiasts. Each island is a unique gem, promising hidden coves, secluded beaches, and charming coastal villages. Whether you’re an experienced sailor seeking a thrilling adventure or a novice looking for a tranquil escape, Croatia’s diverse islands, coupled with The Day Sail experience, cater to all tastes.

  1. Crystal-Clear Waters:

The Adriatic Sea, surrounding Croatia, is renowned for its pristine, transparent waters – a feature that enhances The Day Sail to a whole new level. Imagine gliding over the surface, watching the sea floor unfold beneath you like a living tapestry of marine life. Snorkeling and diving enthusiasts will be enchanted by the underwater world, as vibrant coral reefs and marine fauna abound beneath the glistening surface.

  1. Historical Havens:

Croatia’s coastline is a living museum, with each port and town telling tales of a rich history – perfect for those embracing The Day Sail’s combination of adventure and cultural exploration. Sail into Dubrovnik, known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” and be transported back in time as you navigate the ancient city walls. Explore charming fishing villages with red-roofed houses that seem to tumble into the sea, creating an ambiance that’s both timeless and enchanting.

  1. Navigational Ease:

Croatia’s sailing infrastructure, coupled with The Day Sail’s professional guidance, is second to none, making it an ideal destination for both seasoned sailors and those new to the helm. The well-marked channels and consistent winds ensure smooth sailing, while numerous marinas and harbors provide safe havens for overnight stops or a taste of local cuisine during The Day Sail.

  1. Mediterranean Cuisine:

Speaking of cuisine, Croatia’s gastronomic delights, experienced during The Day Sail, are a sailor’s delight. Fresh seafood, olive oil, and local wines are just a few highlights of the delectable Mediterranean fare awaiting you in seaside towns and quaint harbors. Dock your vessel during The Day Sail, and immerse yourself in the culinary treasures that each region has to offer.

  1. Cultural Crossroads:

Croatia’s unique position at the crossroads of Central Europe and the Mediterranean, coupled with The Day Sail’s cultural insights, has cultivated a rich tapestry. From the Venetian architecture in Istria to the influences of the Ottoman Empire in Dalmatia, every port of call offers a new chapter in Croatia’s diverse story.


As the sun sets over the Adriatic, casting its warm hues on the horizon, you’ll find yourself captivated by Croatia’s magnetic charm – a charm that’s only heightened by The Day Sail experience. A sailing adventure in this Mediterranean haven, combined with The Day Sail, isn’t just a journey across the sea; it’s an odyssey through time, culture, and unparalleled natural beauty. So, why choose Croatia for your next sailing adventure, especially with The Day Sail? The answer lies in the gentle lapping of the waves, the whisper of the wind in your sails, and the promise of discovery on the horizon. Set sail in Croatia with The Day Sail, and let the journey become the destination. Fair winds, and may your sails be forever filled with the spirit of adventure!

We just opened bookings for summer 2023. Check it out what we have prepared for next year and book your spot on time as summer 2022 was really crowded and extra spot was on fire. 😉

Hey The Day Sailors. We just opened bookings for summer 2022. We will sail in Hvar, Dubrovnik, Zadar and Rovinj in 2022. Check it out what we have prepared and book your spot on time.

This season The Day Sail in Croatia 2021 was amazing. We started a bit later the usual but fullfill all out expectations. First we started in Zadar from begining of June, Hvar started from July and Dubrovnik mid of July. We also opened Mali Lošinj and Rovinj this summer. As the winter is getting closer, we are slosing The Day Sail season 2021 in Croatia. Even there was 2nd year of COVID-19 global pandemic, our sailing season was awsome. Thank you all for sailing with us.

Again, our majority guests were from USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Finland and Norway. Still there were a lot of from Europe, especialy from Germany. For some of you who did not have a chance to sail with us for a day, we will have even bigger plans for sailing Croatia 2022. Come, sail with us!

The Day Sail season 2020 in Croatia just finished. Even there was COVID-19 global pandemic, our sailing season was good. We were fully booked in Zadar through July and August. In Hvar and Dubrovnik, as they are flight destinations, and flights were mostly cancelled, we operated in slow mode. Thank you all for sailing with us.

Few days ago we closed the season 2020. Our majority guests are from USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Sweden, Finland and Norway, and this pandemic summer changed profile and we had most of guests from Europe, especialy from Germany. For some of you who did not have a chance to sail with us for a day, we will have even bigger plans for season 2021!

The Day Sail season 2019 in Croatia just finished. We doubled number of guests since 2018 and sailed in Zadar, Dubrovnik and Hvar. Thank you all for such a great summer.

Few days ago we closed the season 2018. We had more than 300 bookings in Zadar, around 250 bookings in Dubrovnik, around 110 in Hvar. You guys came from more then 50 countries worldwide, mostly from USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Sweden, Finland and Norway. For some of you who did not have a chance to sail with us for a day, we will have even bigger plans for season 2020!

The Day Sail season in Croatia just finished. It’s been a gorgeous summer 2018. Thank you all!

Today we are closing season 2018. We had more than 170 bookings in Zadar, around 120 bookings in Dubrovnik, around 45 in Hvar and some 20 in Split. You guys came from more then 40 countries worldwide, mostly from USA, Canada, Australia, UK and Scandinavia. For some of you who did not have a chance to sail with us for a day, we will have even bigger plans for season 2019!