The Day Sail reviews: what our guests say about us

“Private sailing experience“…. “We would book this trip again!”… “We had a great time!”…. “A very unique boat trip” – but don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at these reviews of The Day Sail to get the inside scoop on this summer’s most unforgettable experience.

Dorothea (Germany), November 2019
Me and my partner booked this experience and it was one of the best things we did while we were in Croatia. It is one of the days when nobody is pushing you and you are with yourself, with one that you love and fully connected with the nature. We sailed almost all the time and used engine only when mooring. And when we were sailing, you can hear only sounds of ropes and sails, wind and waves. We also actively particilated in sailing and had a chance to steer the yacht. I will do this trip again next year as I am planning to come to Croatia again.

Glen (United Kingdom), October 2019
Do this!!! We had a day we will never forget. Josh got us actively involved with sailing. Shared his memories. Really made our day.

JennaJenna (Minnesota, U.S.), September 2019
If you’re in Hvar and want to enjoy the water and visit beautiful coves & beaches, this is the experience for you. David & Tibor have an amazing staff of skippers, and we were lucky to be paired with Josh. He was friendly from the moment we met, and hosted us on a once in a lifetime day of sailing the Adriatic Sea. He allowed us to participate in sailing and skippering. He brought us to beautiful, secluded spots that we would not have found on our own. Josh was an experienced Navy sailor and we felt totally safe and comfortable all day long. We hope to do this again when we return someday, and plan to keep in touch with Josh. Book this experience – you won’t regret it!

Dana (Australia), September 2019
Fantastic sailing experience that was really hands on, and as the weather is cooling down in Croatia, we spent more time learning how to sail than swimming. Josh is friendly, has great banter and made the experience fun.

Tony (Sweden), August 2019
We just loved this day and we have booked double tours, afternoon sailing and sunset tour. It was an amazing day that we will never forget. Our skipper David was very competent and he told us many nice stories about the region around and about Zadar. We had a amazing sunset, good wine and good snacks with good winds and we will remember this day a long time forwards. Extra plus that David dropped us off at the Pier at Zadar old Town in the evening. If you visit zadar then this tour is a must, we realy recommend this tour very much

Sarah (Germany), August 2019
Our sailing tour with Luka was fantastic and we definitely recommend it to others. It’s a perfect way to get to know the city from the waterside and discover the surrounding islands. Luka is super nice and told us a lot about Zadar and Croatia in general. We were lucky to be the only guests and enjoyed our „private sailing experience“. We would book this trip again!

Mickael (France), August 2019
We had a great experience with Luka! We managed to go on this boat trip with only another couple. We really enjoyed our time, learning about sailing, relaxing in front of the boat, drinking a bottle of wine… The spot we went to snorkeling was great and we were able to swim and jump from the boat! Thanks again to Luka for his expertise and sharing a bit of his passion, this made our trip to Zadar even more enjoyable!

Erin (United Kingdom), July 2019
A very unique boat trip. Luka was inspiring with personal stories and recommendations all over Zadar. As well as this we had the option to participate in sailing. We got to jump off the front of the boat or get the ladder off the back. The scuba masks provided were also really useful. The island that we were taken to was also beautiful and easy to swim around.

Jimi (Kansas City, U.S.), July 2019
This couldn’t have been a better experience. We were greeted with a smile and a sense of calm warm welcoming way. David and Petra were both easy going(like the Croatian way of life) but still full of life and knowledge. It felt as if we were visiting friends somehow even though we’ve never met. They were so open and had great knowledge about Zadar, from history to advice on all the questions we asked. We didn’t feel rushed and didn’t feel uncomfortable at any time. It was private due to it being my boyfriend and best friend attending and it was very cosy. The view out into the ocean was as promised spectacular from the initial sunset to after the sun set and the clouds lit up in other colours. We gained knowledge of the islands as well that we were so curious about. We would recommend this above and beyond and can’t wait to return to Zadar and see the bigger boat next time 😉

Alicia (New York, U.S.), July 2019
Our group of four had a wonderful time on this sailing experience. The group was small, which I appreciated, only 4 other people on the boat. David, our guide was friendly and knowledgeable. We learned a ton about Croatia from his life perspective as a young man who had grown up there. He was also an expert sailor which was my main priority! We were fortunate to get a beautiful sunset!

Cameron (San Francisco, U.S.), July 2019
We went out with skipper Luka for a sunset cruise. We were provided plenty of local wine & snacks, and it genuinely felt like we were out boating with a good friend. Luka is super personable, and will customize the sailing trip however you want. He had a lot of great cultural knowledge about Zadar, and is super experienced on the sea. Highly recommend!

CarolineCaroline (Norway), June 2019

We were seven girls and we had an amazing day. The skipper Filip and his girlfriend Mina were so kind and helpful. They had bought a lot of drinks so we wouldnt get thirsty or dehydrated. We sailed to some amazing places and saw a lot of different things. I can truly recommend this experience!

Wow, the trip was amazing. We can highly recommend a tour, the contact person Tibor was very friendly and communicative and he helped us planning the tour. Our skipper was David and we booked a private family full day sailing trip with our two small kids 5 yrs and 3 yrs. The skipper took us to very beautiful places and cooked lunch for us on the boat while we enjoyed the ocean and bay and went snorkeling. As a special treat, David took us longer for an extended sunset tour at the end :

The boat was very clean and spacious, had an outside shower on board for after swimming, a small kitchen with refrigerator and a clean toilet. It was even enough space to put the kids asleep.

It was a fantastic experience for us and our children – don’t miss this great experience!!

I really cannot say enough good things about this tour. from the moment I booked the tour there was great communication from the organiser Tibor and then the captain Luka in the days before the trip. Then During the trip itself Luka could not have done more to make the day better. he was always checking that we had enough to eat and drink and that we were enjoying ourselves. he even stopped off at one of the islands so we could stock up with some more drinks during the day! Luka was an absolute wealth of knowledge on everything from the sea, the local area to the history of croatia. at one point he even caught for us a giant mussel to eat fresh from the sea. absolutely amazing day and would highly recommend

Explore Croatia while sailing on a yacht. See Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik.

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